ARMR - Private from the ground up, designed around security and anonymity.

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In a world where online privacy is becoming increasingly important, digital commerce doesn't get its fair share of the spotlight.

We don't want people snooping on what we do online or with our money, we all have a basic human right to privacy. It stands to reason then that entrusting our financial information to banks and credit card companies leaves us exposed. We at ARMR feel that your financial transactions should be even more protected than your browsing habits, and we are putting our proverbial money where our mouth is.

Our network protects one of your most valuable assets; freedom to purchase and buy without leaving a trace. We believe it's possible to have fast, reliable, truly anonymous transactions, and we are here to do just that.

Phase 1 Features

This ARMR phase is where ARMR will be launched. We consider this  launch our most basic with regards to features, however, at ARMR we believe security and anonymity not as a feature, but as a right. As such these are the features implemented for launch.


We believe it is essential to have complete anonymity on any transaction; therefore, we do not see Stealth as a choice, but as a must. All transactions will be in Stealth and only Stealth.


We are using TOR+OBFS4 with automatic ring signatures to keep the transactions as difficult to track as possible. We don’t feel your location should be pertinent to your rights. Yes, you will also be able to use this coin in countries where TOR access has been disabled.


We mentioned Ring Signatures, but what we haven’t mentioned is what we have done to them. We have made changes to our algorithm which changes the ring size randomly, making it harder for eavesdroppers to even know what they are looking for.

This will provide our users with complete transactional anonymity making it harder to determine the true source of funds for a transaction.


A transaction is a way of communicating; however, we needed to take it one step further and actually allow for encrypted messages between transacting parties. If you buy something, you know that when you are in communication with them, it is safe and secure.


We want to make it easier and better for our users. As such we have made changes to our wallet to sync asynchronously for better performance and to use resources in a more efficient way.

Phase 2 Features

Phase 2 - Additional security measures to prevent anyone being able to read the ledger and determine A>B transactions, even from our side. We couldn't track them if we tried.


There is no point in having an anonymous coin that has Stealth Transactions, but not Stealth Staking. Right from the start we have implemented Stealth Staking which hides the users who are staking ARMR.


Chainmail Transactions is our take on securing transactions by routing them across multiple wallets. We do this by routing multiple payments through a multiple random number of wallets with varying random amounts over a random period anywhere between 10 minutes and 3 hours. 

The routed micro transactions will not be visible to anyone other than the sender and the receiver of the Chainmail transaction. Transactions made in this manner are accessible immediately.

See below for more details on randomized transaction routing.


If users keep their wallets running and enable the Blacksmithing protocol, it’ll allow the Chainmail system to covertly route transactions through their wallets, thus fortifying ARMR as an anonymous and secure system. 

The more ARMR you hold, the more you can help expedite transactions on the network process. Blacksmithing enabled wallets will receive a percentage of the transaction costs routed through them. These percentages will be raised the longer a Blacksmithing enabled wallet remains active. 

By enabling the Blacksmithing protocol on your wallet, you’ll also receive up to an additional 5% a year as a thank you for helping secure our network.


The Master Blacksmith is our take on Masternodes, but with a twist. We hate crypto’s that require you to have a minimum amount to become a Masternode. In order to become a Masternode, all that we require is that you have staked for a certain amount of time. We do have other criteria which we will release in the white paper, but none of it is related to how much ARMR you hold.

We also want to reward our Master Blacksmiths fairly, and therefore, besides receiving a higher percentage of the transaction cost, you will also receive at the end of each day a part of a transaction pool (as well as the guaranteed 5% ARMR per year), depending on how long you have staked and how many transactions you have helped secure, you can get up to 8%.


If you are a Master Blacksmith, congratulations. It means you have proven yourself by being a valuable partner for ARMR. Because of this, any Master Blacksmiths will also have a vote in our roadmap, and even our strategy. You aren’t just staking for rewards. You are staking for a voice.


We also want to reward those who spend and use their ARMR in their daily lives. If you are not a staker, each transaction that you initiate will net you 1 ARMR repair ticket. For each transaction that is processed part of that fee will go an ARMR repair pool. At the end of each day we will give one lucky user, who is a non-staker, the value of the ARMR repair pool.


White Paper

Revision 1.0.  Published Jan 2019

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User Guide

Revision 1.0.  Published Jan 2019

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Revision 1.0.  Published Jan 2019

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Our plans for ARMR product development and enhancements


ARMR Wallet (Windows, MAC, Linux)

TOR+OBFS4 with Ring Signatures

Better Sync Performance

Encrypted Transactional Messaging


Stealth Staking

Chainmail Transactions


Master Blacksmith (Masternodes)

Exchange Integration

BISQ TOR Decentralized

Default Stealth Mode


ARMR Repairs

ARMR Transactional Protection

Username Association

Android App Dev.

BTC/ETH Wallet Integration

Gamble Mixer

Single-use Wallet

Payment API

2FA Protection

Web Wallet Interface

Apple iOS App

Hardware Wallet

QR Authenticator


Virtual Credit Card Integration


Current wallet version is 1.0.3

Mac OS X 10.12, 10.13 and 10.14

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Windows 64Bit
 XP (sp3), 7 or 10

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Meet the team

We have decided to keep the team anonymous for now. We plan on releasing info about the members of the core team at a later stage, but as some of us are working in businesses where anonymous crypto coins might not be well looked upon, we have chosen this approach.


Talk to us on Telegram:

CEO/Founder: @armr_core

CPO (Chief Product Officer): @armr_product

CBO (Chief Branding Officer): @armr_team

Lead Developer: @lead_developer_armr

Head of Marketing: @pr_armr

Community Manager: @newral_armr

Head of Webdeveloping: @core_webdev_armr


Advisor: @blockmastery


ARMR is seeking skilled C++ coders, API developers, white hat hackers, scribblers, community leaders and anyone with a passion for cryptocurrencies and privacy.  Send your resume to


Founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts ARMR aims at providing users digital asset transactions and services which are designed around security and anonymity, integrating premium assets worldwide, and constructing a state of art blockchain platform. ARMR is not a company, there was no ICO held upon the launch.

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